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Cricket Hackathon 2023 - Fun and Learning
For everyone who loves CRICKET and fiddling with DATA

IIT MADRAS BS Degree Program brings an academic contest - CRICKET and CODING CHALLENGE. Anyone who has elementary knowledge of coding and an interest in Data Science can register and compete.


Basic knowledge of cricket, Python language skills, analysing the data from previous matches and coming up with a code to predict the scores after 6 overs in every innings

For Non-Coders

A non competitive, “Guess the score” event is open to all the non-programmers who want to participate without writing any code. Special event t-shirts are up for grabs for participants in this category.


in this cricket based competition by IIT Madras


the scores using your own algorithm.


exciting prizes and certificates from IIT Madras.


  • For upcoming T20 matches, participants should submit their code to predict the score at the end of 6 overs in each of the innings.
  • This academic competition has been designed for beginners to learn and compete as well as professionals to demonstrate their capabilities. Even those who are new to data science, but have the interest to learn can go through the resources available online and try participating by using simple mathematical models.
  • Participation can be as an individual or as a team with a maximum of 4 members.
  • The individual/team with the lowest error in their prediction over best 35 matches matches will be declared as the winner of the IIT Madras BS Degree’s Cricket Hackathon 2023.


  • Ball-by-ball data of the past T-20 matches
  • Sample input file which the code has to accept and process


  • For each innings of each match, the output of the code must be a single number, which is the score at the end of the 6th over.


  • Step1: You need to register as an individual or as a team (maximum 4 members).
  • Step 2: Go through the data sets given and start formulating the algorithm to predict the score.
  • You can submit and change your code everyday which will be used for evaluation by the IITM BS team to get the score prediction.
  • Check out the next page for technical details of the languages and packages that can be used.


The actual contest will be run for best 35 matches T20 cricket matches (70 innings) between 15 April and 21 May. Actual dates will be intimated to participants soon.

  • Each team will submit the code and a writeup of the logic/algorithm used, along with the score predicted by the code (when run on their local system prior to the match)
  • During the competition, the teams can update and resubmit their code to improve their predictions at regular intervals.
  • The cut-off time for updated submissions is 12:30 PM (IST) for a 3:30 match and 4:30 PM (IST) for a 7:30 match
  • The participant should submit the code through their login on the site. More details will be shared with registered participants.
  • After the match is over everyday, IITM BS team will prepare the input file for each of the innings in the format shared on the website and execute the participant’s latest code against it. The points won by the participant will depend on how close the score predicted by the code matches the actual score.
  • Every day, the results of the match of the previous day will be released
  • The leaderboard will display the winners of the day and winners based on cumulative points accrued.

  • If you are a keen follower of cricket and have a fair understanding of the game but are not a programmer or a data scientist, we have something for you too!
  • Register on the form and choose the option “I am planning to predict the score using intuition”.
  • Login everyday and predict the score at the end of 6 overs for each team playing that day and win T-shirts from us.
  • This is an academic project and all mention of predictions and guessing of the match scores are in the context of the academic interest. Any score predictions will be disclosed the day after the match day.

Win some amazing prizes!!

The factors in deciding the overall winner of the IIT Madras Cricket Hackathon 2023 will be:

  1. Lowest error in the prediction over best 35 matches and hence points obtained
  2. The algorithm used for prediction
  3. For teams with similar points, earlier submission time and lesser number of code, revisions will be used as factors to decide the ranking

The final prize will be awarded based on the quality of the learning algorithm used and the closeness of the predicted score to the actual score

Decisions of the IITM BS team will be final in evaluating the codes and the winners.

Here are the prizes for the overall winners selected at the end of 35 matches of predictions.
  • Top individual/team will get a cash prize of Rs.35,000 along with the Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Teams in 2nd and 3rd position will get a cash prize of Rs.25,000 each along with the Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Teams in 4th and 5th position will get a cash prize of Rs.20,000 each along with the Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Teams in positions 6 to 10 will get a cash prize of Rs 15,000 each along with the Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Teams in positions 11 to 50 will get a cash prize of 5,000 each along with the Certificate of Appreciation.
  • IITM BS program T-shirts for unique winners getting into Leaderboard of the Day.
  • Intuition Contest: Top 10 new winners who make it to the “Leaderboard of the day” will get IITM BS Degree T Shirts.
  • Those excited about programming and data science and wish to study from IIT Madras, here is a unique opportunity to make your dream come true. Study from wherever you are - Apply today.
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